Norwell – Bloom

A lovely laid back track by Budapest-based producer Balázs Semsei (Norwell). I have picked this one out on his new album but there are many great tracks on there including some ambient goodness. Have a listen on his Soundcloud page and check him out on iTunes and Beatport.

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How would you describe the world of Norwell?

“It comes as a mood of old and vintage but with modern electronic sounds. For me it recalls the kraut rock era of the 60s, 70s. I was listening to kraut rock, psychedelic rock. Basically this kind of psychedelic music defines my sound, something old, bittersweet something, not happy, neither sad. I was making sad music before but I changed and I write out less melancholic stuff, but it’s still melancholic. If I’m in a bad mood music making is what makes me feel better, that’s what I like most. Though I have a dual purpose, besides doing what you like you also make an emotional effect on others.”

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