Chymera guestmix on John Digweed Transitions 493 07-02-14

Had this on a couple of times at the weekend and really enjoyed it. The flow from start to finish is really well done with no big hitters just beautiful melodic goodness all the way through.

01. son.sine – Karuna [Delsin Records | XDSR4]
02. The Analog Roland Orchestra – Velvet Green (Rhauder Remix) [Ornaments Music | ORN024]
03. Manoo – Abyss [Deeply Rooted Hose | DRH020]
04. Hector – Hide (Delano Smith Remix) [Tsuba Records | TSUBA070]
05. Elon – Golden Daylight (Mooncaper EP) [ReSolute Label | RES007]
06. Hunter / Game – Distant Storms [My Favourite Robot Records | MFR089]
07. John Tejada – We Can We Pretend (Instrumental Version) [Kompakt | KOM 286]
08. Chymera – Moot Point [Ovum Recordings | OVM-237]
09. Petar Dundov – Canonical Waves [Music Man Records | MM170]
10. Robert Babicz – Venus Transit (Ripperton Remix) [Systematic Recordings | SYSTDIG05]
11. Till Von Sein – Tilly’s Jam (Da Beach Baum EP) [Suol | SUOL052

RA: Do you play guitar on your tracks?

Not really yet. I remember trying about a year ago. I hooked up my guitar and was playing over some tunes but it just didn’t suit the tracks. But I’ve been working on some new tracks where I’m hooking up the pitch of the synth to a knob on a MIDI controller and I’m playing live solos. It’s the same way as playing a guitar solo, just that I’m changing the pitch of the note. Modulating it, etc. A lot of the new stuff that I’m working on is me trying to work in a more spontaneous live musicality to it.
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Max Cooper Live – Transitions Mix

Max Cooper Live - Transitions Mix

Laid back Sunday evening listening. Such an amazing journey.


Max Cooper…

This is a live set I recorded in my studio for John Digweed’s Transitions radio show. Loads of new stuff on there which hasn’t gone out anywhere before, plus a couple of exclusives not for release. Hope you like it!

1. Max Cooper – Gravity Well (Traum)
2. Hiatus – Third – Max Cooper Remix (Last Night On Earth)
3. Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – A2 – Max Cooper’s Crystal Lattice Mix (Transitions Exclusive – Not For Release)
4. Ripperton – A Skilift Upstairs the Sleeping City – Max Cooper Remix (Systematic)
5. Max Cooper – To be announced 2
6. Minilogue – Seconds – Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
7. Mono Electric Orchestra – Blunt Force Trauma – Max Cooper Remix (Manual)
8. Maxime Miville – Don’t Ask – Max Cooper Remix (Wide Angle)
9. Max Cooper Remix – To be announced 3
10. Max Cooper – Spiral Inflections (Traum)
11. Extrawelt – Im Garten Von Eben – Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
12. Michael Nyman & David McAlmont – Secrets – Max Cooper Reconstruction (Last Night On Earth)
13. Max Cooper – The End of Reason – Ambient Rework – 12″ Edit (Transitions Exclusive – Not For Release)