Soulfire Sessions – November 2013

Really enjoying this set at the moment…


01. Zatonsky – Requiem N1 (Original Mix) [KDB Records]
02. Ricky Ryan – Mess Monster (Freedo Mosho Mix) [Avangardia]
03. Daraspa – Carfre (Original Mix) [Sound Avenue]
04. Guy Mantzur & Khen feat. Kamilia – Moments Becoming Endless Time (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
05. David Mehr – Sungazer (Original Mix) [Change Audio]
06. DAVI – The Bay 6 (pt 1) [Anjunadeep]
07. Damian Mazzeo – Another (Jelly for the Babies Triple Double Dub) [Underground Music Records]
08. Silinder – Among Thieves (Original Mix) [Whose Haus]
09. Monojoke – Asteroids (Progress Inn Space Remix) [3rd Avenue]
10. Dale Middleton – When In Rome (Scotty A’s Lost In Translation Mix) [Lowbit]
11. Kobana & Sonic Union – Unity (Original Mix) [Lowbit]
12. Praveen Achary – Suspended Animation (Original Mix) [Dopamine Music]
13. Keep Shelly In Athens – Our Own Dream (Sasha Remix) [Last Night On Earth]
14. John O’Connor – Hydrogen And Helium (Alex Nemec & Nik Feral Remix) [Mirabilis]
15. OMB & Ogawa – Jiva (David Granha Acid Shapes Remix) [Sound Avenue]
16. Rise & Fall – Second Chance (Luke Porter Remix) [Temporum]
17. Jamie Stevens – Dandelion (Original Mix) [Microcastle]
18. Marc Romboy – Model 1601 (Original Mix) [Tamed Musiq]
19. Darren Emerson – Hot Dog (Original Mix) [Bedrock]

Praveen Achary – Featured Artist on Proton Radio (07.08.2013)

Another great 2hr techno set by Praveen Achary.

01. Pedro Aguiar – I Don’t Want It (Original Mix) [Flow Vinyl]
02. Ricky Ryan – Gorilla Glass (Can Costa & Ucleden Mix) [Avangardia]
03. Pig & Dan – Breadrin Beats (Nicolas Massayeff Remix) [Soma]
04. Exoplanet – Planeterium (Verve Remix)
05. Eyal Cohen – People And Mess (Kobb Remix) [Dopamine]
06. MUUI – Only When It Rains [Outside The Box]
07. Luke Chable pres LOKII – Till We Meet Again [Mesmeric]
08. Kobana – Reload (Erdi Irmak Remix) [Particles]
09. Gabriel Ananda – Warm Cologne (Alexander Kowalski ‘Heat’ Remix) [Monique Musique]
10. MUUI – Confetti In Her Hair (Luis Junior Remix) [Lowbit]
11. Circulation – Turquoise (Guy J Remix) [Mesmeric]
12. Praveen Achary & Vipul – Future Echoes (Santiago Garcia Remix) [Juicebox Music]
13. AMAN – Cloud Patterns (Ewan Rill Remix) [Soundteller]
14. Dale Middleton – Sudofemme (Bastards of Funk & Sonic Union Remix) [DAR Digital]
15. Tim Penner – Get Me High (David Granha Remix) [Konstrukt]
16. Junior Chavez – True Sound (Cid Inc. Remix) [System]
17. Khen – Haziness (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
18. Praveen Achary – Space Machine (Cid Inc. Remix) [Replug]
19. Dzim – Follow ME (Original Mix) [Stripped]
20. Smak (aka Steve McCready), Ryan Vail – In The Beginning (Praveen Achary Remix) [Stripped]
21. Kassey Voorn – A Stride In The Dark (Surface Mix) [Afterglow]
22. UNKLE – Heaven (Diyo Remix) [CDR]


Praveen Achary – Space Machine (Original Mix / Cid Inc Remix) [Replug Records]


A really good uplifting track by Indian producer Praveen Achary. The EP also includes a great heavyweight remix by Cid Inc although I do prefer the original. Both of these tracks make one hell of an EP and they will no doubt sound great on a good soundsystem as I have a feeling that they would have been mastered by Cid Inc himself but I can’t find anything to back it up online. Released on the 11th of February.

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