Max Cooper / Tom Hodge – Fragments of Self

Really well made video by Nick Cobby to go with Max Cooper’s and Tom Hodge’s (piano) track. It even got selected as a staff pick on Vimeo.

Download at:

Words by Max Cooper:

This track and video are about emergence from the combination of polar opposites. Fragments of self from very different places, but part of the same whole.

Combining classical and computational elements is something I’ve been experimenting with for some years, but this attempt to combine the extreme opposites of each was spurred on by some chance DJing experiments, a fortuitous collaboration opportunity, and the amazing work of my friends Olafur Arnalds and Vaetxh (Rob Clouth). I found that I could mix the most beautiful and delicate piano solo of Olafur, with the most hyper-edited and jarring glitch of Vaetxh, and that the result actually worked, well, for me anyway, even if half the people in the club stood confused about how to dance. So when the opportunity arose to work with the pianist and composer Tom Hodge, I wanted to try and create this form of merger of extremes for a release, rather than it being confined to my DJ toolbox (also on the classical meets glitch history from a slightly different angle, check out “Rossz Csillag Alatt Született” from Venetian Snares 2005!).

After some discussion of ideas and approach with Tom, he sat and played and made some recordings for me, which I then chopped and build chords and structure around, sent them back to him to play over the top of again, and then back to me to edit and glitch the playing along with the nasty noises. My detailing process was that of finding some interesting sound sources (binaural recordings, drum hit samples, clangs and slams etc) and using some Max for live randomisation chains to generate lots of partially random complexity which I could then edit as audio before repeating the process with additional layers, eventually bringing the recorded piano audio in to the editing too.

At completion of the audio I was really happy to find out that Nick Cobby, one of my favourite video artists and long standing collaborator, was available and interested in working on the visual side of the project. He took the combination of seemingly incompatible opposites, and applied it visually with his beautiful generative forms, smooth and organic for the melodic sections, and jagged and abrasive for the percussive sections – big thanks to Nick for his amazing work as always!

So, that’s probably enough ranting about this track from me, aside from why it is like it is, I hope it’s something that you can enjoy irrespective of the conceptual faff.

Video: Nick Cobby

Audio: Max Cooper & Tom Hodge

Nils Frahm – For & Peter – Max Cooper remix’s

So two greats have teamed up to provide a couple of free downloads. The first track “For” has a beautiful piano loop which Max has complimented really well with all kinds of strange spacey sounds in the background with his trademark hit-hats and kick.
The second track “Peter” has a more edgy feel to it, it reminds me more of Max’s recent works. Nils synth kicks in instantly while Max gives the track substance with a few more dark layers and possibly his own little piano loop too. It’s really great that the artists and label decided to provide them as fee downloads, hopefully the two of them can get a bit more publicity because of it.

Max Cooper…
Nils Frahm is one of the best artists out there in my opinion, with pretty much the best live show I’ve ever seen. But aside from all that, this was just a really enjoyable remix to work on because the original is such a great piece of music, and seemingly so well suited to what I wanted to do with it – which was to try and turn Nils’ instrumental jam on his Juno, into something house/techno/club/44 compatible, but still carrying the class and feeling of the original. It was one of those remixes that just seemed to fit and flow easily, with minimum strain and maximum enjoyment on my part – usually a good sign for a remix (the one’s that have to be forced never seem to quite get there).

Not only is this one of the best remix projects I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with, it’s also available totally free for you to download and share as you like, courtesy of Erased Tapes and Decibel festival where myself and Nils played last weekend, as well as XLR8R, who were good enough to first feature it at at

And of course, it’s also a thank you to YOU for listening an supporting my work over the years….thank you and I hope you like the track!….

ps if you’re in London on the 18th, Nils is playing an Erased Tapes showcase at Village Underground.

Max Cooper Live – Transitions Mix

Max Cooper Live - Transitions Mix

Laid back Sunday evening listening. Such an amazing journey.


Max Cooper…

This is a live set I recorded in my studio for John Digweed’s Transitions radio show. Loads of new stuff on there which hasn’t gone out anywhere before, plus a couple of exclusives not for release. Hope you like it!

1. Max Cooper – Gravity Well (Traum)
2. Hiatus – Third – Max Cooper Remix (Last Night On Earth)
3. Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – A2 – Max Cooper’s Crystal Lattice Mix (Transitions Exclusive – Not For Release)
4. Ripperton – A Skilift Upstairs the Sleeping City – Max Cooper Remix (Systematic)
5. Max Cooper – To be announced 2
6. Minilogue – Seconds – Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
7. Mono Electric Orchestra – Blunt Force Trauma – Max Cooper Remix (Manual)
8. Maxime Miville – Don’t Ask – Max Cooper Remix (Wide Angle)
9. Max Cooper Remix – To be announced 3
10. Max Cooper – Spiral Inflections (Traum)
11. Extrawelt – Im Garten Von Eben – Max Cooper Remix (Traum)
12. Michael Nyman & David McAlmont – Secrets – Max Cooper Reconstruction (Last Night On Earth)
13. Max Cooper – The End of Reason – Ambient Rework – 12″ Edit (Transitions Exclusive – Not For Release)