Luis Bondio – CLASSOUND – Sep2013 @ friskyRadio

Nice little chilled progressive set by Luis Bondio. If any one can fill in the gaps then that would be great.

Andrew Benson – Dope (Namatjira remix)
Nikko Z – Slope (instrumental mix)
Santiago Garcia, Dark Soul Project – Just One Second (MUUI remix)
Unknown – Unknown
Guy Gerber – The Golden Sun & The Silver Moon
Unknown – Unknown
Silinder – A World Is Watching (original mix)
Unknown – Unknown


Insert Name – August 13 Promo

I have been listening to this on repeat for the past couple of weeks. It has a refreshing trance vibe to it which is great considering the trance scene has been turned on its backside thanks to the likes of Armin and Above & Beyond. Guys like Insert Name, John ’00’ Flemming and Airwave are really doing a great job by showing what Trance should sound like. Make sure you check out some of the artists in the tracklist below.

01. Nikolai Marti – Lily (Vnsigma No Style Mix)
02. B.I.G – A Promise (Dark Soul Project Remix)
03. Neftali Blasko – Time Traveller (Dark Soul Project in love Interpretation)
04. Mindlook – Drowned In The Mood
05. Vinayak A – You May Sit and Wonder (Luke Porter Remix)
06. Digital Mess – Blizzard (Loquai Remix)
07. Relaunch – Mirage
08. Airwave & DJ Fire – Kabalash
09. Stanisha – Behind The Leaves (Jeremy Rowlett Remix)
10. Rex Mundi – Watch
11. Airwave – Wrath Of Tambora
12. Purple Stories – Close Your Eyes (Basil O’Glue Remix)
13. John 00 Fleming – 5000 Light Years From Earth
14. Insert Name – Microbial Arps
15. Speedy – Dima (Marco Bailey & Tom Hades Remix)


Soulfire Sessions – March 2013

Soulfire Sessions - March 2013
Lovely new set from Soulfire



01. Hell’s Kitchen ‘Minus Forty’ (Original Mix) [Deep Blue Eyes]
02. Inkfish ‘Trumma Trumma Trumma’ (Original Mix) [Inkfish Recordings]
03. Inkfish ‘Life In Single Player Mode’ (Original Mix) [Inkfish Recordings]
04. Yunta ‘Perpetuum’ (Blusoul Deeper Mix) [Sound Avenue]
05. Gai Barone ‘Little Bad Wolf’ (Original Mix) [Afterglow]
06. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic ‘Follow Me’ (Lank Remix) [Sound Avenue]
07. Rodrigo Mateo ‘Blossom Out Of Nothing’ (John Axiom Remix) [Baires Records]
08. Deepfunk & Kassey Voorn ‘Long Time Coming’ (Original Mix) [Microcastle]
09. Marco Bailey & Filterheadz ‘Fifth Avenue’ (Original Mix) [Bedrock]
10. Neftali Blasko ‘Onward’ (Dark Soul Project After Hours Remix) [Balkan Connection]
11. Silinder ‘Penthouse’ (Original Mix) [Proton]
12. Dark Soul Project ‘What Can I Say’ (Ioan Gamboa Remix) [Dopamine Music]
13. Verche ‘Grey Scale’ (Cid Inc Remix) [System Recordings]
14. Deepfunk ‘Black Lemon Trees’ (Andy Arias Blackmambo Mix) [Wide Angle Recordings]
15. Santiago Teillagorry ‘Samsara’ (Original Mix) [Classound]
16. Dosem ‘Vesier’ (Original Mix) [Tronic]
17. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic ‘Follow Me’ (Scotty A Remix) [Sound Avenue]
18. Tarmo Tammel ‘Guitarrissimo’ (Loquai Remix) [Balkan Delights]
19. Dosem ‘Future Noir’ (Original Mix) [Tronic]