Lank – Bounce Back / March 2014

Great set by Lank focusing on the moodier side of progressive house music.

Can you give us some background on yourself, such as where you currently reside and how you got into electronic dance music?

I was around 13-14 when i first showed interest in electronic music. I had an older friend in the athletics team and he gave me a few tapes and the Fasttracker music maker sofware. That’s when i started to dj and write my own little tracks. I collected vinyls which i played in school discos, and dj competitions. I became more and more serious about music and felt that i have to carry on this way. I took my best homemade tracks and moved to Budapest when i was 18. That’s where the gate of possibilities opened for me. In the next 6-7 years i had the chance to play in most clubs in Hungary, many times with famous international artists. Meanwhile more of my tracks were released thanks to some international labels. I finaly got invited abroad. I played more times in Russia, Greece, Germany and the USA. At the moment i live in Budapest with my girlfriend and i spend all my time on music.

Source: alterimagerecordings

01. The Chromatics – Tick of the Clock – Italians Dio It Better
02. Lake People – Stepwise – Connaisseur Recordings
03. Apparat – Jet (Ben Klock Remix) – Bpitch Control
04. John Monkman – L.O.V.E.R. (Hallo Halo Remix) – Be Crazy Music
05. CLOSE – Cubizm – K7
06. Sasse feat. Ilija Rudman – Got 2 Be (Patrice Baumel Midnight Express Remix) – My Favorit Robot
07. John Monkman – L.O.V.E.R. (Martin Roth With Another Approach) – Be Crazy Music
08. Simian Mobile Disco – Your Love / Run Theme (Live) – Delicacies
09. Alexander Maier – Lost Souls – Brown Eyed Boyz
10. Petar Dundov & Gregor Tresher – Flux – Break New Soil
11. Henry Saiz – The Light (Aebeloe Remix) – Natura Sonoris
12. Lank – Hazy Mazy – Bounce Back Music
13. Thor – Yellow Sky Over Reykjavik (Baikal Remix) – Connaisseur Recordings
14. Lank – Parameters – Mango Alley
15. Christian Prommer, Roland Appel – Double Red (with Justine Hoerwarth) – Compost
16. Mathew Jonson – Passage to the Other Side – Itiswhatitis Recordings
17. Chymera – An Island In Space (Orlando Voorn Remix) – Connaisseur Recordings
18. Shakes Milano – Awake (Alexander Maier Remix) –
19. Spada feat. Zefora – Renaissance – Monique Musique