Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy pres. 11 11 – My Heart

When I first heard the news that Guy Gerber was teaming up with Puff Daddy I thought shit, Puff is going to want him to make some cheesy american EDM/ David Guetta style track and his career as a great producer is over. But the two tracks I have heard are actually pretty good and from what I have read the album is going to be available for free. Great to see Guy is keeping to what he does best. Go and check the two tracks out on his SoundCloud page.

Haunting, ethereal, emotive, propulsive Guy Gerber and Diddy’s long-awaited collaborative album project 11 11 will at last be revealed to the public for free this Summer…Beginning with a preview of their track My Heart.

At once a meeting of two worlds, and yet also a dismissal of those signifiers, 11 11 inverts the recent dialogue between the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music, eschewing simple radio friendly factory fare, for darker, richer, deeper soundscapes. 11 11 is not a project aimed at main-stages and masses, but outliers and after-hours.

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