Anthony Middleton – Controllin Things

One half of Audiofly Anthony Middleton has put together an absolute class EP with remixes from Guti and Dance Spirit. In my opinion every track on the EP is equally good as the others.

What do you make of this distinction between ‘underground’ and ‘commercial’ electronic music? In reality, can underground artists still stay true to their sound and also become commercial ie they are making a lot more money from it, and more people more know about them?

I feel that, on a basic level, one leads to another and actually you know what, the other one can also lead in the other direction. I mean there’s several dance tracks in the past that have been great in their own successes and then have just become pop because they are such a good track.

My kid is 16 and he really likes David Guetta unfortunately. But what it has done is really opened his doors to the beats. Since he discovered David Guetta even in the last year and half, he’s got deeper, slowly. It’s a bit like when you drink wine when you’re young. You don’t care what it is, you just drink it. And then slowly you start to develop what you like. Like that, it’s a gateway.

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