Michael Nyman and David McAlmont – Secrets, Accusations and Charges (Max Cooper Reconstruction)

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Max Cooper shared an interview on his Facebook and Twitter earlier so I thought I would take a little snippet from it and put it up with a really nice rework of an orchestral track from Michael Nyman and David McAlmont. If only more producers would team up with visual artists to put great videos like this together.

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One of your most important reworks is undoubtedly the one on the track of the composer Michael Nyman and singer David McAlmont. Why this choice? How was the project born? It was easy get the go-ahead by Nyman?

“This one was a great opportunity to try something different, in that I received two audio files, one recording of the live orchestra, and one of the vocals. It was a fresh type of project for me, and something that isn’t so common in the world of electronic remixes, so I got straight on to it, hoping it would yield some interesting results. I’m not so sure how the whole thing was arranged, but I suppose on a basic level Michael Nyman was interested in hearing what would happen too, and luckily for me liked the results so it all went ahead.”

Read the rest of the interview (Second part in English)

About the music and video taken from Max Coopers YouTube page

This remix marks the first time multi-million selling minimalist soundtrack composer Michael Nyman (The Piano; Gattaca; The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover) has allowed his work to be remixed. The “Reconstructions EP” is out on Last Night on Earth Recordings 9 July.

For the video, animator and director Nick Cobby wanted to add a human element to his visuals for the first time, asking Max Cooper fans to come down to his London studio to be filmed.

“After listening to the track, I was aware of how important the vocal element is in the track, which added an emotional and human element alongside Max’s sonic soundscapes. I knew that i wanted to include real people for the first time, but i wanted to change their appearance; making them something more animated and kinetic, and therefore bring them into Max’s world.”

Each participant was filmed individually, concentrating on their facial expressions and head movements. Incorporating Kinect camera technology, depth data captured by the Kinect was used to create 3d point data of the individuals filmed. This 3d map was then reconstructed to re-create the participants, utilising code and creative technology to create a generative outcome.


The Reconstructions EP comprises two Max Cooper reworks — one abstract, one dancefloor – of Secrets, Accusations and Charges, Nyman’s collaboration with the songwriter and vocalist David McAlmont.

The song first appeared on Nyman and McAlmont’s album, The Glare. It places McAlmont’s lyrics, inspired by a newspaper story about a quiet suburban Scottish woman who was discovered to be a jewel thief, over Nyman’s theme for the film Gattaca.

As the Gattaca theme is an orchestral piece, both the Deconstruction and Reconstruction are built from samples of only two soundfiles: a track of McAlmont’s voice, and a single track of The Michael Nyman Ensemble playing the Gattaca theme.

Many thanks to all who participated and made the video (and reworks) possible.

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