Jemmy – Quarry Bank Rainbow (Stelios Vassiloudis) – Bedrock Records


Stelios Vassiloudis puts his skills towards Cream resident Jemmy’s track “Quarry Bank” to create a melodic flowing masterpiece. Check out what Jemmy had to say about the track below…

Quarry bank rainbow was your new record released in the summer. Was it the product of a long working process or did you record and release it fairly swiftly?

It’s just being promo’d at the moment and is coming out on John Digweeds Bedrock Label on the 8th of October. It took a long time to make to be honest, but it happened really naturally and wasn’t too stressful. Some tracks can take up a lot of energy but this was an absolute pleasure, from recording the melodies, vocals and trumpets to programming the drums…everything just slotted into place.

Are you happy with how it’s gone down amongst your followers?

Yeah, it’s been going down really well in my sets. I played it at the Leftfield, a friends gig in Brixton Academy and it got the biggest reaction out of everything I played.

Jemmy was interviewed back in September by ACE Read the full interview.

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