Fortdax – Fortune Telling Fish, Curled to Suggest ‘Home’ – Rich Curtis (Unofficial Remix) WAV

A really nice melodic remix from Rich Curtis and it’s FREE to download!


99percentrecordings are proud to bring you this amazing bootleg from Rich Curtis.

James Holden’s Balance 005 has always been one of Rich’s favourite DJ mixes and he will never forget first hearing Disc 1. Whist laying on the couch in darkness, he was able to picture a movie-like sequence based on the tracks James had woven together, particularly the final third of that disc which included an amazing emotionally charge 2 minute tune by a typically Holden-esque and almost obscure artist, called FortDax.

Ever since that moment he’d hoped one day to be able to at least incorporate the song into his DJ sets and maybe even tackle some kind of remix, little did he know that 10 years later he’d be able to make personal contact with the original artist, who’d happily grant him access to all of the original stems – faithfully bounced from his original hardware recordings including some leftover (unused) percussion ideas that never made it into James Holden’s eventual album edit. Rich hopes you will agree that the final result does the original piece justice!

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