Upfront 038: CW/A

CW/A have put together this album mix which is full to the brim of great techno. It’s pretty experimental to start with but soon lifts into the more full on stuff. I’ll see if I can track down a tracklist…

We always thought we wanted to keep our live sets exclusive to their original habitat — clubs, festivals and parties — but the confidence we gathered through touring and the production of our album has changed this. Instead of trying to make something slightly more soothing or artsy for a podcast, we stuck to what worked in the shows we played this year and used the same setup to present a one-hour extract of music you could expect to hear at one of our shows.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did playing it out.

01.Mantra – CW/A
02.Bury the Hatchet – CW/A
03.Rapture – CW/A
04.Improvisation – CW/A
05.Endings – CW/A
06.Modern Conflict Theory – CW/A
07.Improvisation – CW/A
08.Acrimony – CW/A
09.Disillusionment (CW/A Remix) – Wrong Assessment
10.Preface – CW/A
11.(Improvisation) – CW/A
12.Days of Riddance – CW/A
13.Wounded – CW/A
14.Rainer Has No Shadow – CW/A

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