Guy Mantzur Live At Stereo, Montreal 19 – 12 – 14

Guy Mantzur always gets the balance right between deep and melodic. Well worth a listen.

Can you tell us about the days when you met Guy J and Sahar. The 3 of you have been close friends for a long time now, was it the music that got you guys together not just as friends but also a mutual respect and admiration that made the 3 of you collaborate in your careers too?
Yes we are really close friends. I know Sahar for more than 15 years, from the Tel Aviv scene. I always loved him as a Dj and one day we decided we should try doing something together and we just couldn’t stop. I met Guy J through Sahar and getting to know Guy brought out the same feelings. The feeling you have with someone whose going to stay a close friend for the rest of my life. Same as Sahar.

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