Cid Inc @ Pacha, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014-10-11)

Some really nice deep progressive music played live in Pacha, Buenos Aires by Finnish DJ Cid Inc.

You’re really old school in terms of the way you engage with your fans: you’re never sharing details of your personal life, your likes, interests etc… fans just know you’re all about the music and they love you for that. In fact, you can see how much people respect your music with the frenzy on social networks whenever you post a post a new mix or track sample. But at the same time, it’s really tough out there for people who are just starting out. Even if new guys are making the greatest music in the world, it’s really hard for them to get noticed. What tips can you give artists who are looking to move up? What are the do’s and don’ts?

I think the main thing is to let the music speak for itself and keep it that way =) It’s hard to get noticed these days as there’s so many producers out there trying to surface. Best thing I suppose is to just keep on pushing and trying to reach as many people as possible (without spamming) on different social networks, forums etc. If the music appeals people then they will follow and notice one. Also, don’t give up as it can take quite some time to build a decent fan base, be passionate and ambitious of what you do.


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