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Balance Selections 004: Jamie Stevens

Pretty exciting to see this Balance set in my soundcloud feed and what a set it is. Lots of tracks and artists I haven’t heard before which is really refreshing. Just had my first listen and definitely won’t be my last.

Check out the interview Jamie Stevens did for Balance Music…

Tell us more about the podcast you made for Balance?

This mix took me a long time to create but the majority of the time was spent trying to find what it was I wanted to say. I love so much music that sometimes when you’re given a very open invitation to make anything you like, it can be very daunting. I had always wanted to open a mix with “The Making of Grief Point” and I think it just grew from there, trawling through my collection finding the tracks that could make up part of the story. And to me, that’s what it became; a bit of a road trip.

1. Loscil – The Making of Grief Point [Kranky]
2. Bad Cop Bad Cop – Unicorny [Pomelo]
3. Aaron Alexis – Kill The Lights (Kyson Remix) [DhARMA]
4. Inner Square – Towards The Another [Human Resources]
5. Michael Bundt – La Chasse Aux Microbes [Offers Musik Produktion]
6. Egal 3 – Orchestral (Vid Re’Shape) [Kina]
7. The Clover – Orange Dreams [Bosconi]
8. Amo – Outside The Box [Dissonant]
9. Klartraum – Tiger Ride (Cinematic Ride) [Lucid Flow]
10. Woo York – Wogen [Dynamic Reflection]
11. Jerofou – Fiere_Allure [Cinematic]
12. Jako – Atom Found [alphahouse]
13. Labradford – By Chris Johnston, Craig Markva, Jamie Evans [Mute Artists]
14. Depeche Mode – In Chains (Minilogue’s Air Remix) [Capitol]
15. Quenum & LAD – Ithaca [Cadeceus]
16. Max Richter – Organum [130701]
17. Kacper Kostecki – True Story (Kobana Remix) [Dopamine ]
18. Laurie Spiegel – The Unquestioned Answer

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