Paul Oakenfold – Essential Mix (Goa Mix) (1994-12-18)

I can’t believe this mix was recorded in 1994. I had no idea Li Kwan, Man With No Name and Salt Tank were putting out music back then. Listening to this makes you realise how much trance has gone back to it’s roots in recent months. This mix is definitely one to keep hold of. Thanks to “Every body Wants To Be The DJ” once again for putting legendary sets like this on Sound Cloud.


From Soundcloud
Welcome to tonights Essential Mix I’m Pete Tong and tonight we take you on a bit of a fantastic voyage as Paul Oakenfold presents our “Goa Mix”. Although firmly marked down on the hippie trails since the early 60’s it’s only in the last few years that Goa, in India, has become the place to go each winter if you’re a serious fan of dance music and wish to seek out those now legendary full moon beach parties which draw ravers, hedonists and back-packers from all over Europe. Most of us, me included, probably wont be going so we thought we would stage a ‘Full Moon Party’ live on One FM. We are all on the guest list and we are not going out…………….Standby…..”

01. Mr V – Give Me Life
02. Grace – Skin On Skin (Orange Mix)
03. Li Kwan – Point Zero
04. Disco Evangelists – De Niro (Spaceflight Mix)
05. Virtual Symmetry – The V.S.
06. Vangelis – Tears In Rain
07. Salt Tank – Eugina (Pacific Diva)
08. Hallucinogen – LSD
09. Saint Etienne – 19:54 19/05/2006 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix Of Two Halves)
10. Wojciech Kilar – Vampire Hunters
11. Electrotete – Alcatraz
12. Vangelis – Bladerunner Main Titles
13. Man With No Name – Floor Essence
14. Scorpio Rising – Dubcatcher
15. Man With No Name – Evolution
16. Goldie – Inner City Life
17. Wojciech Kilar – Love Remembered
18. Voodoo People – Co-Incidence
19. The Infinity Project – Stimuli
20. Trance Team – Wake Up! (Trance Mix)
21. V-Tracks – Heretic Voices (Angeles Mix)
22. Marmion – Schöeneberg (Marmion Remix)
23. Karl Biscuit – Hiérophone
24. Vangelis – Rachel’s Song
25. Virus – Sun (Oakenfold & Osborne Mix)
26. Man With No Name – Deliverance
27. Perfecto Allstarz – Reach Up! (Indian Summer Mix)
28. Para-Dizer – Song Of Liberation
29. Dead Can Dance – Sanvean
30. 4 Voice – Eternal Spirit (Northern Mix)
31. Man With No Name – Sugar Rush (Raw Cane Mix)

back to its full 2 hours

This is just one 2 Hour MP3

A cuesheet is included to split the mix into the tracks above. It is also embedded in the mp3 file.

TECH Info: Original Capture to 3 Hour VHS Cassette 1996-09-15 from Sony AV FM reciever (external ariel)
Transfer to PC using Philips Nicam stereo VCR to M AUDIO 1010LT soundcard
Captured using Adobe Audition 2
Cue points set in Adobe Audition 2

No audio processing has been done to the original recording this is how it was captured.

Number 0 in the Plugg Restoration series.

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April 2006 (plugg)

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