Kiasmos – Kiasmos [Erased Tapes]

Erased tapes a London based record label are known for supporting Classical / Electronic talent such as Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds (One half of Kiasmos). Last month they released Kiasmos’s self titled first album which is full of beautiful piano layers and electronic beats. Well worth a listen.

Your collaboration started back in the year 2009. Why did we have to wait so long for your debut record?

Because we never wanted this to be our job. We wanted this to stay in the way it always has been: two friends are meeting up, having a beer and making some beats. We didn’t really want to plan anything because then you’re not doing it because you want to, you’re doing it because you have to. And this is kind of a sacred haven for us because there is so much going on in our other projects and it’s so busy, there’s always a deadline, it’s always touring, always expectations. To have something where we can make music differently, just hanging out. But then I guess after a few years of we had the feeling to finally get something out.

Source: nbhap

Anthony Middleton – Controllin Things

One half of Audiofly Anthony Middleton has put together an absolute class EP with remixes from Guti and Dance Spirit. In my opinion every track on the EP is equally good as the others.

What do you make of this distinction between ‘underground’ and ‘commercial’ electronic music? In reality, can underground artists still stay true to their sound and also become commercial ie they are making a lot more money from it, and more people more know about them?

I feel that, on a basic level, one leads to another and actually you know what, the other one can also lead in the other direction. I mean there’s several dance tracks in the past that have been great in their own successes and then have just become pop because they are such a good track.

My kid is 16 and he really likes David Guetta unfortunately. But what it has done is really opened his doors to the beats. Since he discovered David Guetta even in the last year and half, he’s got deeper, slowly. It’s a bit like when you drink wine when you’re young. You don’t care what it is, you just drink it. And then slowly you start to develop what you like. Like that, it’s a gateway.

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Guy J – Candyland / Once in a Blue Moon / Lonely Color

One of my favourite EP’s at the moment. Guy J never seems to dip in form no matter what kind of music he produces, all three tracks in the EP are top quality. Hard to pick a favourite track in this one.

Release 20th October 2014

Guy J returns to Bedrock with what is probably one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the year. Having been an outstanding highlight in his sets for many months, and been the subject to endless discussion across social media, “Candyland” is set to take things to another level.

For many people around the world, Guy J’s music is uniquely joyous, uplifting, intelligent and beautiful, and there can be no doubt that he is one of the standout electronic artists today. His work is always touched with a magic and emotion that few rival, and “Candyland” is a perfect example of why his productions are quite simply – so special. Its restrained, euphoric, sensual beauty flows effortlessly into an ever-blossoming journey as it weaves its slow-build seductive spell – this is a tune that will surely become a future timeless classic?

But that’s not all, Bedrock has sandwiched “Candyland” between two further treats from Guy J – a recent live favourite, the supreme, smile inducing “Once In A Blue Moon”; along with “Lonely Color” and its deeply delicious throbbing core, laced with enticing, subtle melodic flourishes. Significantly, each track shows Guy J has the ability to turn up the pressure until emotion is literally pouring out of the speakers. He is an artist that everyone should, most definitely, always keep on their music radar.

Puff Daddy & Guy Gerber in conversation with Pete Tong

My expectations were quite low before hitting play on their new album ‘1111’. But after having it on repeat over the past few days I have come to the conclusion that it is a fantastic album. It’s obviously not going to be a commercial success and not appeal to the masses but I think Guy and Sean realise that by making it available for free. But you know, a few people who wouldn’t necessarily buy will download it and hopefully they will enjoy the music. My only criticism is that I would’ve liked to see them experiment with a bit more rap.

Couldn’t agree more when Puff Daddy talks about how certain great DJ’s play for the crowd and take them on a journey. These days we quite often see DJ’s turn up with pre-compiled tracklists on their laptop, hit play and throw in the odd silly effect with no intention of reading the crowd.

Good to hear Pete Tong talk about the current electronic music scene too.

You can download their whole album as high quality .aiff here.

Moderat – Damage Done [Silinder Remix]

There’s nothing better than a nice vocal track by Apparat and Modeselektor (Moderat), remixed by talented producer Silinder and then made available for free. Head over to Soundcloud, download and say thanks 🙂

Of all the bootlegs I’ve done, this one has been the most sought after. Since Hernan played it on his Resident show back in April in Episode 155, I’ve had numerous mails and messages looking for the track.

So finally, I’m happy to share it with you all, play & enjoy! 🙂

Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy pres. 11 11 – My Heart

When I first heard the news that Guy Gerber was teaming up with Puff Daddy I thought shit, Puff is going to want him to make some cheesy american EDM/ David Guetta style track and his career as a great producer is over. But the two tracks I have heard are actually pretty good and from what I have read the album is going to be available for free. Great to see Guy is keeping to what he does best. Go and check the two tracks out on his SoundCloud page.

Haunting, ethereal, emotive, propulsive Guy Gerber and Diddy’s long-awaited collaborative album project 11 11 will at last be revealed to the public for free this Summer…Beginning with a preview of their track My Heart.

At once a meeting of two worlds, and yet also a dismissal of those signifiers, 11 11 inverts the recent dialogue between the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music, eschewing simple radio friendly factory fare, for darker, richer, deeper soundscapes. 11 11 is not a project aimed at main-stages and masses, but outliers and after-hours.

Robert Babicz – Shifting Reality

My pick from Cologne producer Robert Babicz new EP on Bedrock Records. This is probably the least techy of the bunch, but I just feel it has the edge in terms of quality. Really like how the track flows and the really well worked sax and piano layers over the subtle bassline. The Soundcloud clip doesn’t really do it justice, as with nearly all of Bedrocks uploads so if you get the chance listen to a less compressed version.

Label copy

Robert Babicz is a man on a mission with sounds and emotions. The Cologne based producer stands out as one of only a handful of artists who are not afraid to breathe life into their productions with true emotion. His music displays a level of honesty and soul that sets it apart from so much of today’s disposable mass music production line. The mark of a true musical innovator, here he once again reveals his talent and skill as one of Europe’s most essential techno producers, with three stunning new creations for Bedrock.

Launching with the energetic acidic attitude of the aptly titled “Rave Angel”, this triad of tracks is a musical master-class to behold. You could never get tired of the glorious gut-wobbling bass of “Wonderland” as it opens the door to a twisted rollercoaster ride of a track, while the darkness of “Shifting Reality” morphs amazingly into a truly beautiful heavenly serenade for a finale.

Babicz moved to Germany from his native Poland in 1980 and began making dance music in the early 1990s, when acid house was at its peak of popularity. His career has thus already spanned more than two decades and it is evidently clear from the music that he creates, that he has devoted his life to his craft.

A much-respected connoisseur of sound design and production, his services as a mastering engineer are in demand all over the world. He is also well known as an exciting live performer, utilizing a host of synths and live equipment to enhance the improvisation in every set he plays. But Babicz’s art is comprised of more than just his music. He films everything, later editing the images together as a visual accompaniment to his audio. His short films capture the emotions, colours and feel of his trips and, in turn, these then also have an effect on his music, colouring his emotive, unique take on electronica with a very human feel.

If you like what you hear and want to dig a little deeper into the Bedrock back catalogue to check out Robert Babicz’s previous adventures on the label, you could start with 2010’s “Pink Trees”, his remix of Pete Heller’s “Nu Acid”, the stupendous “Welcome To The 90’s” from Bedrock 12, “Eastside” from Bedrock 14, “Rabbit Clouds” from the Underground Sound Of Miami Series 3.

Keep it Babiczstyle!

Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window (MODERAT Remix)

Fresh off the Souncloud press is this new Moderat remix of Jon Hopkin’s track “Abandon Window”. Jon Hopkins and the Moderat guys are some of my favourite electronic producers at the moment and this track doesn’t disappoint. The original by Jon is a really nice spacey chilled out track that I honestly wouldn’t of thought a beat would go well with it. The Moderat guys have done a really good job of ‘not butchering’ the spacey melody and provide something quite different and refreshing. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the DJ’s n this blog use it on their next set as an intro / outro.