Kiasmos – Kiasmos [Erased Tapes]

Erased tapes a London based record label are known for supporting Classical / Electronic talent such as Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds (One half of Kiasmos). Last month they released Kiasmos’s self titled first album which is full of beautiful piano layers and electronic beats. Well worth a listen.

Your collaboration started back in the year 2009. Why did we have to wait so long for your debut record?

Because we never wanted this to be our job. We wanted this to stay in the way it always has been: two friends are meeting up, having a beer and making some beats. We didn’t really want to plan anything because then you’re not doing it because you want to, you’re doing it because you have to. And this is kind of a sacred haven for us because there is so much going on in our other projects and it’s so busy, there’s always a deadline, it’s always touring, always expectations. To have something where we can make music differently, just hanging out. But then I guess after a few years of we had the feeling to finally get something out.

Source: nbhap

Puff Daddy & Guy Gerber in conversation with Pete Tong

My expectations were quite low before hitting play on their new album ‘1111’. But after having it on repeat over the past few days I have come to the conclusion that it is a fantastic album. It’s obviously not going to be a commercial success and not appeal to the masses but I think Guy and Sean realise that by making it available for free. But you know, a few people who wouldn’t necessarily buy will download it and hopefully they will enjoy the music. My only criticism is that I would’ve liked to see them experiment with a bit more rap.

Couldn’t agree more when Puff Daddy talks about how certain great DJ’s play for the crowd and take them on a journey. These days we quite often see DJ’s turn up with pre-compiled tracklists on their laptop, hit play and throw in the odd silly effect with no intention of reading the crowd.

Good to hear Pete Tong talk about the current electronic music scene too.

You can download their whole album as high quality .aiff here.

Michael Nyman and David McAlmont – Secrets, Accusations and Charges (Max Cooper Reconstruction)


Max Cooper shared an interview on his Facebook and Twitter earlier so I thought I would take a little snippet from it and put it up with a really nice rework of an orchestral track from Michael Nyman and David McAlmont. If only more producers would team up with visual artists to put great videos like this together.

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One of your most important reworks is undoubtedly the one on the track of the composer Michael Nyman and singer David McAlmont. Why this choice? How was the project born? It was easy get the go-ahead by Nyman?

“This one was a great opportunity to try something different, in that I received two audio files, one recording of the live orchestra, and one of the vocals. It was a fresh type of project for me, and something that isn’t so common in the world of electronic remixes, so I got straight on to it, hoping it would yield some interesting results. I’m not so sure how the whole thing was arranged, but I suppose on a basic level Michael Nyman was interested in hearing what would happen too, and luckily for me liked the results so it all went ahead.”

Read the rest of the interview (Second part in English)

About the music and video taken from Max Coopers YouTube page

This remix marks the first time multi-million selling minimalist soundtrack composer Michael Nyman (The Piano; Gattaca; The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover) has allowed his work to be remixed. The “Reconstructions EP” is out on Last Night on Earth Recordings 9 July.

For the video, animator and director Nick Cobby wanted to add a human element to his visuals for the first time, asking Max Cooper fans to come down to his London studio to be filmed.

“After listening to the track, I was aware of how important the vocal element is in the track, which added an emotional and human element alongside Max’s sonic soundscapes. I knew that i wanted to include real people for the first time, but i wanted to change their appearance; making them something more animated and kinetic, and therefore bring them into Max’s world.”

Each participant was filmed individually, concentrating on their facial expressions and head movements. Incorporating Kinect camera technology, depth data captured by the Kinect was used to create 3d point data of the individuals filmed. This 3d map was then reconstructed to re-create the participants, utilising code and creative technology to create a generative outcome.


The Reconstructions EP comprises two Max Cooper reworks — one abstract, one dancefloor – of Secrets, Accusations and Charges, Nyman’s collaboration with the songwriter and vocalist David McAlmont.

The song first appeared on Nyman and McAlmont’s album, The Glare. It places McAlmont’s lyrics, inspired by a newspaper story about a quiet suburban Scottish woman who was discovered to be a jewel thief, over Nyman’s theme for the film Gattaca.

As the Gattaca theme is an orchestral piece, both the Deconstruction and Reconstruction are built from samples of only two soundfiles: a track of McAlmont’s voice, and a single track of The Michael Nyman Ensemble playing the Gattaca theme.

Many thanks to all who participated and made the video (and reworks) possible.

Norwell – Bloom

A lovely laid back track by Budapest-based producer Balázs Semsei (Norwell). I have picked this one out on his new album but there are many great tracks on there including some ambient goodness. Have a listen on his Soundcloud page and check him out on iTunes and Beatport.

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How would you describe the world of Norwell?

“It comes as a mood of old and vintage but with modern electronic sounds. For me it recalls the kraut rock era of the 60s, 70s. I was listening to kraut rock, psychedelic rock. Basically this kind of psychedelic music defines my sound, something old, bittersweet something, not happy, neither sad. I was making sad music before but I changed and I write out less melancholic stuff, but it’s still melancholic. If I’m in a bad mood music making is what makes me feel better, that’s what I like most. Though I have a dual purpose, besides doing what you like you also make an emotional effect on others.”

Read the rest of the interview on Easterndaze.

Jemmy – Quarry Bank Rainbow (Stelios Vassiloudis) – Bedrock Records


Stelios Vassiloudis puts his skills towards Cream resident Jemmy’s track “Quarry Bank” to create a melodic flowing masterpiece. Check out what Jemmy had to say about the track below…

Quarry bank rainbow was your new record released in the summer. Was it the product of a long working process or did you record and release it fairly swiftly?

It’s just being promo’d at the moment and is coming out on John Digweeds Bedrock Label on the 8th of October. It took a long time to make to be honest, but it happened really naturally and wasn’t too stressful. Some tracks can take up a lot of energy but this was an absolute pleasure, from recording the melodies, vocals and trumpets to programming the drums…everything just slotted into place.

Are you happy with how it’s gone down amongst your followers?

Yeah, it’s been going down really well in my sets. I played it at the Leftfield, a friends gig in Brixton Academy and it got the biggest reaction out of everything I played.

Jemmy was interviewed back in September by ACE Read the full interview.

DNYO – Exclusive Set for RELEASE


Really big fan of Brazilian producer DNYO. Luckily I found a recent set of his in the depths of Soundcloud as it all has gone a bit quiet on my music feed recently, maybe due to the crazy schedule some of these guys have had over the Xmas break. Who can blame them!

Check out an interview of DYNO’s below.

1. What are your earliest memories of music, what did you listen to growing up? How did you get involved in electronic music and what made you decide to pursue it full time?

DNYO: My earliest memories as a little kid were singing in the church choir, classical was my favorite for sleeping, there used to be a station back then that played only instrumentals and classical, I remember that’s how my mom would put us to sleep. I liked what my mom would put on the radio, I remember the 80s being very melodic, and music was amazing in the 80s. I got into electronic music in 97, I already knew what dance music was, I usualy say that it found me and not the other way around, very unusual actually, walking to a bus stop and finding a cd on the sidewalk called “Tranceport – Paul Oakenfold” that was it, a week later was downloading BBC’s Essential Mixes on Napster and buying singles on That era was magical, it was the 1st time I felt good about everthing in my life, and it took me to a whole new world you know? At the time I didn’t think of being a DJ, I would get started spining as one a few months after that, but what really caught my ears was how all of that music was being made, so producing really is my first love.

Read the rest of the interview on DNYNO’s blog