Dave DK’s Influences Mix

Dave DK has recorded this mix to showcase the music that has influenced him in the studio. Well worth a few listens.

I’ve been surfing more and more over the past ten years, in Spain and Portugal. My brother was always asking me to join him on trips but usually I had DJ sets booked. One year I did finally try it and now we always go together. When I’m out in the water, exposed to the power of nature, I feel so small as a human being and that teaches you respect.

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Dance Spirit – The Sun Also Rises [Album preview]

Dance Spirit have worked together with artists such as Jay Tripwire, Shawni, Jon Charnis, and Nikko Gibler for their new album The Sun Also Rises. If you’ve heard some of their recent sets and feel a four four beat is a bit much for a Wednesday morning then don’t be put off as this album features a great mixture of guitar, saxophone and sexy vocals along Dance Spirit’s signature beat. Continue reading Dance Spirit – The Sun Also Rises [Album preview]