Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I have been working on getting this mix out and up on Soundcloud the last few days. It has been a good few months since my last one which was on the vocal side of progressive house music. I took a different approach with this, lots of spacey sounds with no real big hitters just nice flowing music from beginning to end. I feel that some of the music in this mix seems to get better on each listen. Tracklist up soon. Enjoy!


Good to see Bonobo pumping out DJ mixes every now and again between his album tours. If you get the chance to see Simon Green and his band play live then do it! This mix consists of lots of bouncy melodic goodness and is full of great tracks from the summer of 2014.

When some faraway species reads stories to their youth about the history of mankind, the section on “Greatest Minds In Electronic Music History” will surely have a hefty chapter on Simon Green, better known to the world as Bonobo. For over a decade, Green has been capturing our membranes with his brilliantly architected brand of downtempo organic rhythms, swaying in the winds between beat-centric trip-hop, lush heavy basslines, and beautifully structured layers of live instrumentation.